Why to Consider Local SEO Services as Part of your SEO Strategy

Wed 22nd Nov 2017
Why to Consider Local SEO Services as Part of your SEO Strategy

Here are some reasons to look into local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services and see how they can become an influential part of your SEO strategy.

"Where's the nearest department store here?"

"Where can I go in five minutes to grab a cup of coffee?"

It's questions like these that drive local businesses. They have one benefit over online shops: their products and services are within reach. Your business could aim for the same goals. You could be running a great fishing rod business or a carpeting service.

Even with top-of-the-line quality products or service, your business can still fail. It will fail without proper SEO. Search engine optimisation will make sure your business site is easy to find on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Local SEO services will guarantee that it is easy to find for people within your area.

Yes, Optimise for the Local Market
You read that right. Don't aim for global domination. It might not sound like a good idea but it is. Remember that people search for specific answers. Generalised categories are no longer the norm.
Here's a look at how local SEO services and strategies will boost your business and site.

Your SEO Strategy Should Target the Local Crowd
One thing you need to remember is that consumers no longer use generic keywords when searching on Google. Long-tail keywords are more popular these days to reach niche audiences. You won't see people typing "best prom dresses" for their searches. Instead, they'll look for something specific like "best blue prom dresses in Devon." Specific searches take out the unnecessary search results.

Your business needs to focus on niche specifics. Target the local crowd. Let them know your business is within the local area. Look at it this way: a person in Devon wouldn't want Google to present a clothing store in Scotland.

This means re-evaluating many elements of your SEO strategy.
You'll have to go over several SEO aspects. Some areas you'll need to review include:
• Using keywords that relate to the local area.
• Adding content relevant to the local area to your site or blog.

You can achieve this with local SEO services. SEO service providers can evaluate your site to determine how it ranks and where it's lacking.

Listing Your Business Locally
Did you know that 4 out of 5 consumers want local search results? They want results related to their postcode. Those are the businesses they're more likely to visit. Despite this, few businesses take the step to list their business on the local online directories.

This means many businesses aren't visible on Yelp, Citysearch, and more. Taking advantage of local SEO services will help your business fix this problem. You'll be able to list your business in the local directory.
Now your business will appear when people look for local establishments. Google and other search engines will properly identify and list your business. That's only for Google. Now you need to make sure that people can identify your business at a glance as well.

This is where a good title and meta description comes into play.

Working Out Title and Meta Descriptions
There's a lot of information to process when consumers are looking at Google results. Google can do it rather quickly but people cannot. For this reason, your title and meta descriptions still matter. What are title and meta descriptions, though? They're short tags that let readers get an idea of what your site is about. You don't have a lot of space so your choice of words will matter.

A title like "Cheap Flowers for Sale" will not do as well as something like "Affordable Flowers in Plymouth, Devon."

The former is too general. The latter lets customers know two details right off the bat: the site is about affordable flowers and the business is in Plymouth, Devon. Writing a good description below that title will emphasise this message. Get it wrong or make it too vague and customers will overlook it in favour of the next link.

Local SEO services will help you in designing title and meta descriptions that work for your business.

Localising Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is often overlooked when it comes to search engine optimisation. This should not be the case! Don't let your business push digital marketing strategies to the side. Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool but is often forgotten when people work on SEO. This is because many search engines ignore social media pages.

Despite this fact, you shouldn't limit your SEO efforts to Google, Yahoo, and Bing alone. People nowadays use more than search engines to find certain content, local or not. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are all becoming platforms people use to find what they need. If they can't find a specific business on Google, they're more likely to turn to Facebook as an alternative.

Local SEO Leads to More Store Visits
Focusing on a local radius boosts the benefits multiple times over.

This isn't a speculation, either. Local SEO helps businesses gain more visits:
• 50% of consumers that did a local search on their phones visit a store within 1 day. 34% of consumers that did a local search on their laptops or desktop do the same.
• 71% of consumers stated they look up a business' location before visiting it.
• 46% of all searches on Google are for local options.
• 76% of all local searches will lead to the customer calling the business.
• 78% of local mobile searches lead to an offline purchase.

The reason why this works is because people don't want to waste time and effort to buy something they want. Consumers will always prioritise convenience. Why would a customer drive four hours to buy a product when they can get the same item for the same price at a store just thirty minutes away?
Focusing on local SEO services will guarantee customers will add your store to their list of convenient stops.

Help Google to Help You
Use local structured data markup whenever you can. Also referred to as schema markup, this little coding update informs search engines about your business site. Google promotes doing this to the point that they have released their own Structured Data Testing tool. You can use it even if you're not a coding expert.

With local SEO services, however, you can use this tool to its full potential. SEO service providers can study your site and products. They'll be able to use the tool in a way that helps Google properly identify what your site is about.

By using this tool your business will pop up in the first page of Google search results more than ever. Google can categorise your site and insert it when people make niche local searches.

More Visits Lead to More Sales
Customers walking into a store are more likely to buy a product than those browsing the same items online. People prefer to shop in physical stores.
• 62% of consumers state that they prefer visiting a nearby, brick-and-mortar store because they can touch and test the item before paying for it.
• 49% percent of consumers also point out that they like bringing home the items they buy immediately. There is a sense of immediate gratification compared to the waiting period that comes with online shopping.
The more people you drive to your store, the more they'll buy something. Consumers prefer walking into a store than buying things online.
Visiting a local shop has other key benefits that some people tend to forget.
• Consumers can return items quickly and easily if the store is nearby. Online stores have a tedious return process.
• It's easier to ask questions in a physical store. There's always a sales associate the consumers can approach.

Now imagine how things will fail if you don't use local SEO services? Fewer people will visit your shop and your sales will go down.

Winging it Won't Cut it
Many businesses fail because they don't rely on professional services. There are many reasons for SEO efforts to fail. You might think you're well-versed in SEO. You may have done SEO in the past. Neither of those facts make you an expert.

Think of it this way: you might have cooked meals all your life but that doesn't make you a professional, licensed chef. Chefs undergo rigorous training that makes them an authority in the field of cooking.
It works the same way with SEO. If you think you can save money and do all the SEO work on your own, you won. Instead, you'll see your site drop in the search engine rankings.

Don't Wait, Get Local SEO Services Today

What are you waiting for?
Every moment you don't avail of local SEO services the more potential customers you're missing out on.
Every day that you target local consumers you're losing out on sales. Someone in your town right now might need your products or services but they won't go to you because they can't find you on Google.
Not sure where to start?

Don't worry, we have you covered. We have several local SEO services you can avail of today.

Contact us regarding any inquiries and we can get you started on optimising your business right now.