Why should I have a Virtual Terminal?

Wed 13th Nov 2013

As paying by card is continuously growing, and paying by cash and cheque is continually declining, having the best and latest features for your business is necessary to be successful.

However, it seems like human instinct to be wary of change, and anything new; so below we’ve answered a few questions that seem to arise when considering having a virtual terminal.

“No one’s ever asked to pay over the phone, so why do I need one?”
The fact that no one’s asked to pay over the phone doesn’t mean people won’t pay over the phone. Also, having a “mail order telephone order” (MOTO) facility isn’t only useful for getting clients to pay through, it’s great to use when chasing payments. For example, if a client has not yet paid for their services, you can simply call them and ask them to pay over the phone with their card details. People usually always have a card in their pocket.

“Using a virtual terminal will cost me too much, it won’t be cost effective”
The price you pay for having access to a virtual terminal each month, as well as the transaction costs; will more then be covered by the amount of business you get from being able to accept card payments. In this day and age, where everything is modern & evolving, when a customer/client asks to pay by card and they get told “no sorry, cheques and cash only” they’re not going to feel confident that you’re up to speed in business. So by having the facility to do take payments through mail and over the phone not only gives you access to more payments, but also increases your businesses reputation. There are no downsides in letting people pay by card over the phone.

"Okay, so how much would this cost me?"
For more information on Virtual Terminals, you can look here: NexPay - Virtual Terminal or just send us any questions you have using our contact form: Contact us!