The Dynamic Duo: Facebook and Email E-commerce Marketing

Fri 14th Jul 2017
The Dynamic Duo: Facebook and Email E-commerce Marketing

Did you know you don't have to use social media and email separately?

Yes, you can pair them together to leverage your target audience to the max. In this article, we'll give you the scoop on:

- Types of promotions you can run, leveraging both
- Benefits of using this dynamic duo
- Insight stats that will change your e-commerce marketing game
- Read on to find out how you can increase your ROI via email and social media.

What's Great about Email
According to Radicati Group, email is expected to reach 3 billion users by 2020. You can already guess from that figure that email use in 2017 is pretty high. In fact, the average worker receives around 120 emails per day. Yes, this means your promotional emails need to stand out to get noticed in this stack. But, there's more...

86% of consumers actually prefer to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with monthly. Also, 15% of consumers would want to get promotional emails every single day. This means your customer will enjoy opening your email from the 120 email stack.

The One Reason why Email is Amazing
Email requires the least amount of investment. It reaps the highest ROI out of all of the inbound marketing strategies.

Then you have social media...

What's Great about Social Media
As of 2017, there are 2.551 billion social media users. This figure is expected to grow with each passing year. Statista estimates that this figure will rise to 2.67 billion in 2018. And 2.95 billion come 2020.

According to HootSuite, 83% of Americans and 77% of the UK have created a social media account. What can be said about these stats is you have a huge reach.

But here's what's interesting...

HootSuite states that 48% of Americans interact with companies or institutions at least on one social media platform. Doing the math, there are 321.4 million Americans. 83% of these 321.4 million have social media accounts. Dividing this number, that comes out to roughly 266 million Americans have a social media account.

Dividing this number, that comes out to roughly 266 million Americans have a social media account. 48% of that number is approximately 127 million Americans actively interacting with businesses on social media.

(Read on to learn how you can leverage that number!)

What Happens when you Combine Both
By now, you know that email and social media are dynamite by themselves. Especially given that email is the cheapest inbound marketing strategy with the highest ROI. And social media can get you a large reach.

Especially given that email is the cheapest inbound marketing strategy with the highest ROI. And social media can get you a large reach. Using this dynamic duo will take your e-commerce marketing to the max. Here are the types of ways you can leverage both.

Use Email Subscribers to Increase Social Media Engagement
You have a healthy email subscriber list. And you have several hundred if not thousands of social media followers. Make the most of both by advertising a contest first on social media.

Let's say you sell colorful socks. You advertise on Twitter that the follower who tweets a picture of them wearing one of your socks and who gets the most likes wins a prize. Then you email to your subscribers about the content you're having on Twitter. This encourages your email subscribers to follow you on Twitter. In exchange for their follow, they have a chance at winning the prize.

Also, it increases your reach in two ways. One, you increase your Twitter followers. Two, you broaden your reach even more by encouraging your followers to have their followers like their tweet. This subtly gets your product in front of people who may have never heard of your brand before.

Even better, you may get more Twitter followers from that. And you could get a few more dedicated customers.

Promote your Content with Email and Social Media
Let's face it, content marketing is not only effective in boosting your search engine rankings. It positions you as a credible expert. And it's a way for you to get your product or service noticed.

Why This E-commerce Marketing Strategy Works.

If you write insightful and informative content, your readers will want to read it to the end. At the end is your call-to-action or CTA. This CTA could be "Subscribe to receive a monthly newsletter about upcoming promotions."

Since your your content, the reader gives you their email in exchange for information about promotions. Eventually, after getting so many promotional emails, that reader converts into a paying customer. One more sale for you.

Using this E-commerce Marketing Strategy
Of course, you also want to let your subscribers know when you've written new content.

Email them about new content. Also... promote that content on social media. Yes, some of your subscribers may be your followers as well. But, chances are, not all of them are and Visa Versa. This allows your content to get in front of more people. More people that will read and CTA. And more people to subscribe to your email list.

In other words, this e-commerce marketing tactic leverages both of your audiences to reap potentially more leads. And, with a little time, more paying customers.

Promote your Product or Service with Email and Social Media
This is similar to the promotional previous promotional strategy. Basically, you send out an email to your subscribers notifying them of a promotion. You don't stop there. You advertise this promotion on your social media platforms too.

That way, more people know about your sale. And more people will take advantage of it. Which means more sales for you—the reason why this means more sales for you—the reason why this e-commerce marketing strategy is successful.

You may also get some more social media followers and email subscribers via word-of-mouth marketing as well. As since more people will see your promotion, more people are going to talk about it.

The Reverse
Now, flip all of the e-commerce marketing strategies we just talked about. For instance, instead of running a contest on social media, run a referral contest. Where the person who refers the most people to subscribe to your email list wins a prize. Of course, you'd promote this via your newsletter and social media platforms. Also, you're likely to also get new email subscribers and social media followers.

Incentivise People for Reading your Content
You could even advertise online a contest the incentivizes people to read your content. You could tweet that there's a surprise at the end of your blog post. It's a thank-you from your company to them People are curious by nature. This is bound to lure in more potential new readers. Again, you'd advertise this through your subscriber list and on social media.

Benefits of Using Social Media and Email Together
Now that we've discussed with you how to use this dynamic duo. Here are the benefits you'll reap from them.

Leverage your Target Audience to the Max
You have reach with your email subscriber list. You also have reach via social media. Combining these will increase it. As you not only advertise through one channel but both. With more of your target audience seeing your product or service, you're more likely to get more sales.

Get More Email Subscribers
Especially when you advertise subscriber contests on social media, You're going to get more email subscribers. Email subscribers are crucial in your sales funnel. As more email subscribers increase the chances of more customer conversions.

Get More Social Media Followers
By advertising social media contests to your email subscribers, you're going to get more followers. Especially if this is one of the "rules" for the contest.

Again, going back to the e-commerce marketing sock contest. You advertise this contest to your subscribers, stating that subscribers can get bonus points for subscribing. No matter what prize you have, always give incentives.

Maximizes your E-commerce Marketing Efforts
Writing content takes time and effort. You're getting twice as much for your effort by promoting your content via email and social media. The same goes for the time you spend creating the promotion.

Increased Return on Investment
Otherwise known as ROI. From doubling your e-commerce marketing efforts, you also increase the potential of a positive ROI.

Some Extra Tips when using this Dynamic Duo
Just because you're combining strategies doesn't mean you should do the exact same for both. Here's where email and social media differ...

Images: The One E-commerce Marketing Tactic to Be Aware of
According to Hubspot, the more images you put in your email, the less likely people will open it. This may be because it automatically goes to spam. Or the images don't come up. Which makes the email look unprofessional.

At the same time, Buffer states that images are 40 times shared on social media than content. What you can take away from this is use images on social media. Don't use (too many) images for email.

Final Thoughts
Email and social media are two e-commerce marketing tactics that are here to stay. As we pointed out, their use is only going to increase. Why not use both to maximize your efforts? If you've used both e-commerce marketing strategies, what benefits have you seen?