Should You Outsource Social Media Marketing for Your E-commerce Store?

Tue 17th Apr 2018
Should You Outsource Social Media Marketing for Your E-commerce Store?

Wondering whether or not you should outsource social media marketing? There are lots of benefits to hiring a professional.

Global e-commerce sales continue to soar, which is great news for your online store. However, if you're not tapping into the revenue streams that can grow your brand, then you're at risk of fizzling out.

You can guarantee your competitors are taking advantage of various platforms to get the word out about their products. And this includes social media marketing. Social networks are where the majority of today's consumers spend many hours daily.

However, it takes a special approach to generate qualified leads and traffic. This is why you should outsource social media marketing to experts. If you're a bit critical about this because you feel you and your in-house team can handle this, then maybe the following will change your mind.

First, let's review why social media should be a part of your marketing campaigns.

How Social Media can Improve Your E-Commerce Sales
Some online stores are either ignoring social media or misusing it. Both lead to the same results - decreased sales potential.

If you're serious about your e-commerce shop, then you should do whatever it takes to get the word out about your brand. Social media networks are the ideal platform for multiple reasons.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter have over a billion active users and they consume tons of social media content daily. You'll find various online stores raking in money from effective social media marketing strategies.

For instance, combining content marketing with social media marketing can grow your blog traffic. And in doing so, it's increasing the potential for visitors to browse through your web store - especially, if you include this CTA and link in your blog posts.

Social Media Marketing is Cost-Effective
You won't find many marketing channels that are affordable for small business owners. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned online seller, you'll find social media marketing quite favourable.

You can easily add pay-per-click (PPC) ads into your campaign at a budget you can afford. Like with Google and Bing Ads, you can control your daily spend. Then the potential reach you can get from these ads is insane. But you need to target the right groups of people. When you outsource social media marketing to experts, they can help you figure out who this audience is.

Social Media Marketing is Great for Branding
If you compare social media marketing to native advertising, you'll find social networks are far better for branding. When a business wants to boost their reputation, they can't do it through ads. If anything, consumers have ad blindness and hate being promoted to.

So if you're really looking to help grow your visibility and image, then you want to have a profile on social media. One reason social media is better for branding is that it allows you to interact with your audience. They are liking and following your page, which gives you the go-ahead to post content on their wall. It's just as good as email marketing.

This now gives you some control over how they perceive your brand because you're controlling the content and stories that they see about it. Again, if you outsource social media marketing, the expert can really take your branding by the reigns and drive it home.

Then let's tie in the fact that the cost of branding on social media is significantly less, even when you outsource social media marketing to a professional. Now, that we have your attention regarding the benefits of social media marketing, let's take a closer look at why you should outsource social media marketing.

Develop Quality Content
Many agencies offer SEO and content services, which is awesome when you combine it with social media marketing. What makes social media marketing clever is that it allows you to engage with your audience daily or throughout the week. It's important to post content regularly that is valuable and high-quality to keep traffic coming to your store.

Create Strategy that Matches Business Goals
Another reason to outsource social media marketing is because it will ensure you have a solid strategy built around your business goals. If you're currently doing your own marketing on social media, but lack a plan and aren't tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), then you'll never reach your goals.

When you outsource social media marketing, your campaign will track KPIs, such as awareness, engagement, and conversions. This will help identify whether the social media marketing is working or not.

Otherwise, you're just wasting your time and efforts on methods that aren't yielding results.

Get Consistency for Your Branding
We already covered how important social media is for building up your brand. However, you can't expect to gain visibility by simply opening up an account on Twitter and Facebook.

This means you need a strategy to reach out to your audience and keep them engaged with your page. But you don't want to use your account to boast about your store products. You should find ways to engage your audience, such as with videos, blog posts and so on. When you outsource social media marketing to experts, they'll come up with a plan to define your brand messaging, tone and voice.

This is then implemented into your posts so that your brand is consistent and authentic. The type of posts you'll make on your profile will be determined by the tone of your brand. For example, if you sell toys for kids or pets, then you may have more of an upbeat, fun vibe compared to a store that sells business suits.

Better Identify Your Target Audience
What's great about opting to outsource social media marketing to professionals is that they have ways to pinpoint your target audience. You may already have an idea of who these groups are. But are you using the right methods to engage them?

The two go hand-in-hand, targeting the right audience and using the right content to draw them in. This is what your social account is for. It's important to know exactly who your audience is and what it is you want them to do.

In this case, it's to visit your online store and purchase your products. While this CTA seems clear-cut, it's not always simple to get people to react. For instance, if you sell kids toys, but your target customer are folks with autistic children, then your approach to them would be a bit different than every other parent.

Plus, you want to ensure your CTAs are only drawing in people with autistic children if your products are toys designed specifically for autism. Again, it's easier to pull this off when you outsource social media marketing.

Track the Results of Your Campaigns
It's not enough to just start a social media campaign and hope for the best. You need to be tracking all the progress of your campaigns. This includes your social media PPC. It's important to focus on KPIs like inbound traffic from posts, ads, and conversions. If you can't tie your sales increase to your social media, then there's no way to determine if it needs tweaking.

Just because your campaign doesn't work the first time around doesn't mean social media isn't for your brand. In fact, a lot of online shops have great success with platforms like Facebook because they can upload products to their Facebook store.

It's all about posting the right content at the right time and at the right frequency. This requires testing, which can only be done when you're collecting, recording and storing data.

Make the Most of Available Social Media Tools
When you outsource your social media marketing, you're getting expertise in exchange. These professionals live in the world of social media and know all the ins and outs of these platforms. This means they'll know all the tools you can use to provide the best results for your campaign.

This includes choosing the best social networks to attract your particular audience.

Get Access to the People and Resources
Let's face it, you have a shop to run - albeit an internet one - which requires a lot of attention. This means you don't have the time to really dedicate yourself to social media marketing. For this reason, you should consider outsourcing your social media to experts. This will give you access to a team of people and resources that will bring success to your marketing campaigns.

It's always better having a dedicated team you outsource to than in-house marketers. Why?

Because in most cases, other campaigns distract your in-house team from managing your social media accounts. When you outsource strictly to social media experts, they're working on nothing but your social media marketing.

Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing
Your online store needs visibility to succeed and grow. This is what makes social media marketing so important. But you need the right team to ensure you're getting the best results from your campaigns.

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