Save money with your merchant account!

Mon 18th Nov 2013

As all businesses would know, unfortunately, letting customers pay with their card comes at a cost to you. With every payment a customer makes using their card, you’ve got to pay the bank for letting you do that!

But, what you might not know… Is that despite the fact you’re always going to have to pay for each card transaction, you could be paying WAY too much!

Have you asked your bank if you’re getting the best deal?

Although, you may think…

"I've been with my bank for years, they're not going to charge me anything but the cheapest"
Many people think being a loyal customer to your bank, means they’re going to be loyal to you. But what it means in many cases, is that they take advantage of your loyalty! They could be charging you way over the odds. Purely because they know you’re going to believe what they say!

“I’ve shopped around all the banks for the best deals, I can’t get it any cheaper”
Sure, you might have the best deal a bank will offer directly to you. Although, being an independent merchant consultancy who works alongside all the major banks, we can get you a better deal then the banks would offer to you directly!

“I’ve already gone through a Merchant Consultancy to compare all the best rates for me, what can you do that they can’t?”
Well, we’re an independent Merchant Consultancy, meaning we’re not working on behalf of the banks. We work with and contact the Sales Organisations & Merchant Service Providers, and do the best we can to offer YOU the best deal, without you having to do anything!

“So, what exactly are you offering me?”
Well, what we’re offering you, is a completely free, “compare the market” of all the banks, tailored exactly to your needs/uses… To find you the cheapest rates, and the highest amount of money you could SAVE on your Merchant Account Fees!

If you want to find out more, about exactly how much we can save/help you. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to get you on your way to saving a lot of money!