How to Make your B2B E Commerce Startup Stand out

Mon 3rd Jul 2017
How to Make your B2B E Commerce Startup Stand out

It's a statistics you're likely familiar with, and perhaps one that keeps you motivated: 9 out of 10 every 10 startups fail.

However, the demand for B2B e commerce has grown a lot in recent years.

In fact, B2B e commerce sales have now reached over £153 billion.. Over 70% of UK adults currently shop online. The average online shopper spends roughly 3,000 pounds per year.

Still, these numbers are no reason for B2B e commerce startups to get comfortable. You'll still need to constantly look for innovative ways to disrupt the market. You need to do the same to stay several steps ahead of your competition.

In this post, we'll show you the best ways you can help your B2B e commerce startup to stand out.. We will help you increase your conversions and grow your brand's influence in its industry.

Make your Marketing Strategy Efficient
As a B2B e commerce startup, you're already aware of the importance of having a superior digital marketing strategy. But even if you're happy with your current marketing plan, there are a few things you can do to make it even better.

Get Automated
Right now, as your startup grows, you may still have the time and manpower needed to manually send out your marketing campaigns.

Perhaps you even have time to respond to individual messages and queries from potential investors and customers. But if you're growth-focused, you likely won't have the ability to keep this up for long. Now is the time to start looking forward. It's also time to begin integrating marketing automation.

Marketing automation can target advertising efforts towards a variety of demographics. All of these demographics can be engaged during different phases of the buying process simultaneously. Plus, automated marketing uses past data on specific customers. This works to ensure that the types of marketing efforts and offers each customer receives will motivate them on an individual level.

For example, let's say a past user visited your website at 10:00 in the morning. They filled their cart with 2 blouses (or whichever products you sell.) Then, they navigated away from your site without completing a purchase.

Automated marketing can contact them again the next day at 10:00 in the morning with a reminder to complete their purchase. Perhaps with an offer of a discount.

Streamline your Content Across Multiple Social Media Platforms
A recent study found that B2B e commerce brands using social media to reach customers saw a 198% increase in referrals..

That same study also showed that over 20% of shoppers say that reading a recommendation about a product or service on social media was a factor in their buying decision.

As these numbers prove to effectively market to your target demographics, you have to generate buzz around your brand. To do this, and to become an influencer in your industry, you need to get active on social media.

First, create a Facebook business page for your startup. Customers will expect you to have one.

Plus, many potential shoppers and investors alike will ask you questions through the Facebook messaging system.

In today's world, leaving those messages unanswered is akin to an unreturned telephone call or email. Social media has officially become a part of customer service.

Be sure that you expand your social media outreach and influence to several different platforms. Remember, not all of your market will be on Facebook. Some might prefer Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat. Create accounts on these platforms as well.

Then, streamline and share your content across all these platforms to maximize customer engagement.

Go Live
One of the most effective B2B e commerce marketing tactics?

Using live video on social media. If you really want to stand out, let your followers know you'll be "going live" at a certain date and time. Then, you can give viewers a virtual tour of your office. You can also answer live questions they ask, and promote your products.

Doing this promotes a sense of radical transparency. It also makes your target market feel like they really "know" you and your brand. Save the livestream, and make it available for viewing afterward.

Get Professional
Especially in the competitive world of e commerce, you'll be required to put a lot of time and effort into your digital marketing strategy if you want to be successful.

This means that, in addition to running the day-to-day operations of your startup, you'll also need to draft blog posts, research and implement an SEO strategy, post on social media and respond to comments, manage your reputation online...

The list goes on - and keep in mind, you'll need to do this every day.

You're likely beginning to understand why the most successful e commerce startups hire professional digital marketing services to help get the job done.

Working with the experts don't just help you to create an epic digital marketing plan. It also allows you to tweak it every day based on data and analytics from market research. Plus, going professional ensures that you never miss the latest updates and changes to search engine Algorithms. This means that it will be easier to climb in search engine results.

Now that you have a solid foundation on how to create a marketing strategy, let's examine other steps you can take to increase the visibility of your startup and defeat your competition.

Choose your Platform Wisely
Using the above tips, now you've created a digital marketing strategy that will attract thousands of weekly visitors to your e commerce shop. What can you do to make sure they have a positive experience when they get there -- and that they complete their purchases?

Read on to find out.

Focus on Navigation
When you're selecting your e commerce site's platform, we know there are many factors that influence your decision.

Always remember that when it comes to e commerce, simpler and cleaner is better. Your primary focus should be on selecting a platform that is easy and intuitive to navigate. Your drop-down menu should be clear, and your action buttons should be large and colourful. Additionally, your contact information should be on each internal page of your site.

One way you can help your customers to navigate through your site faster? By including chatbots that can help to direct them through a specific purchasing path. These bots can help shoppers find the specific products they are looking for. They can also offer advice about sizing and shipping, and answer frequently asked questions.

Having a chatbox that most closely replicates the convenience of an in-store experience is a wonderfully effective way to set your e commerce site apart from the competition.

Ensure your Site is Mobile-Friendly
More and more shoppers today are making their purchases on-the-go.

If your e commerce platform isn't mobile-friendly, you're going to miss out on a huge portion of your market. Those mobile shoppers are highly likely to buy from your competition instead. This is true even if their products are far inferior to your own.

Keep in mind, the online shopping experience is centered around convenience and impulse. Mobile-friendly platforms, or even apps for your b2b e commerce shop, support both of these ideas.

To ensure that your site doesn't fall in the search engine rankings, you'll need to focus on site loading speed. Remember that Google and other search engines are now using mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor.

This means that you'll likely need to remove any pop-up ads that automatically load on your mobile site. You'll also need to reduce the size of your images for your mobile site. Large images can slow your loading time. This will cause shoppers to navigate away from your page.

Increase your Payment Options
How many times have you found the perfect product or service online, and then abandoned your shopping cart because the site didn't accept your preferred payment method?

Part of the convenience of online shopping should be an acceptance of as many different payment options as possible.. However, many B2B e commerce startups overlook this -- and lose customers as a result.

To stand out, think beyond the credit card. Also look into payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet.

Finally, we also suggest that you offer your online shoppers some sort of fraud protection or added security. Though online shopping is quickly becoming the norm, many customers will still be wary of giving out their payment information over the Internet.

Your competition may not have considered this. Plus, it's just one more way to ensure shoppers buy from you and not from them.

Your B2B E Commerce Website will Dominate the Market
Thanks to the information in this post, you now have a comprehensive strategy. Use it to help your B2B e commerce startup to land in that coveted 10%.

However, you likely won't be able to do it on your own. That's where we come in.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the wide variety of digital marketing digital marketing services and strategies. We combine creativity, experience, and a continually evolving knowledge of SEO to create bespoke marketing strategies.

To discover more digital marketing tips your competition doesn't even know exist, spend some time on our blog. Together, let's ensure that your startup isn't just a success, but one of the biggest names in the e commerce industry.