6 Money Making Tips to Grow Your Business

Fri 15th Nov 2013

1) Accept card payments. If you don’t already accept card payments, make sure you do. Debit & Credit card payments are now the most popular method of payment, and people spend more on them then they do using cash. So by accepting cards you’re opening yourself up to a whole other range of customers that could be willing to pay for your products and/or services.

2) Take your business online. It’s commonly known that online shops and online searches being peoples first thought when looking for something are becoming more and more popular. By having an eCommerce store, you’re not restricted by location either; you can make your business international from the comfort of your own home. Also, don’t be hesitant when it comes to eCommerce. Although the initial outlay may be more then you’re willing to pay, the return on investment will be more then worth it.

3) Get a Virtual Terminal. Have the facility to take payments over the phone or through the mail. If you've got to chase an elusive customer for a payment, it’s a lot easier to ring them and say “have you got a card on you that you can pay over the phone with?” then saying “hurry up and send that cheque!” Being consistent and up to date with what’s available will also give your business a better reputation, and that’s nothing but a good thing!

4) Internet Marketing. If you've got a website already, that’s great! But are you targeting the right people? Are you making the most out of your website? By using SEO, social media and e-mail marketing & targeting the people that are most likely to buy/use your services and products you could double the power and influence of your website and business.

5) Save on merchant fees. Whether you’re accepting payments using a physical card machine, through an eCommerce store or using a Virtual Terminal, the big banks are going to take advantage of you and charge you way over the odds. We can offer you a completely free of charge merchant review, to see if we can save you money and find you a much better deal by shopping around all of the providers on your behalf.

6) Become compliant. After you've set up the facility to take card payments, or if you already are; you will need to be PCIDSS compliant, to prevent yourself from getting monthly non-compliance fines, and also to protect yourself and your business from fraud accusations and fines up to £500,000!

ALL of the above will either save or make you money and the best bit, we can help you with every single part of it. Click find out more to get more information on all of the above!

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