5 Mistakes You're Making With Your Content Marketing Strategy

Wed 4th Feb 2015

1) Right content, wrong audience.

There are many ways content can miss the mark in terms of audience targeting;

-Content that doesn't take into account the format that the audience prefers.
-Reading level mismatch that is too dumber down or too difficult to understand.
-Content that doesn't address the needs, interests, pain points or budget of the audience.

2) Not tracking and measuring the results of your content marketing efforts.

49% of business owners are still having trouble measuring effectiveness of their content. So despite the fact that were investing more time and money into content creation and distribution than ever before, many of us still have no idea whether that content is working.

3) Assuming your readers can't see your motivation.

When creating content, don't hesitate to be transparent in revealing your motivation. Your audience is usually able to quickly deduce what your motivation is anyway, and being transparent about it can help build trust.

4) Not knowing how your content fits into your funnel

Your content should be part of your overall marketing funnel. As mentioned previously, you should have a good idea of what goals your content is supposed to accomplish and how you’re going to measure its effectiveness.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of producing content for content’s sake. But if your content doesn’t lead readers to the next stage in your funnel, it’s unlikely to ever produce the results you’re looking for.

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