15 of the Best Mobile Websites that Win at E-commerce

Fri 6th Apr 2018
15 of the Best Mobile Websites that Win at E-commerce

Making your site mobile-friendly is key to increasing web traffic. Here are 15 of the best mobile websites that do ECommerce right.

It only takes a 20th of a second for a reader to form an opinion about your website and decide if they will continue shopping with you or not. This means that only the best mobile websites are the successful ones with sales. They are easier to navigate and get the point across right away.

Your website design is your first impression on potential customers, and it is crucial for your success
to have a visually appealing mobile design. It must be easy to navigate, easy to read and have a visually appealing layout. If it doesn't, your potential customers are going to purchase somewhere else! How do you know which websites are appealing, and what makes the best mobile websites attractive to potential customers?

We have compiled a mega-list of 15 of the best mobile websites that do e-commerce right. Check it out to find inspiration for your e-commerce website, and get your sales rockin' right away!

Shopping at Walmart is now available online, and is it ever easy! Since 2014, they have taken over the online sales world and part of this is because of their incredibly attractive website.

Why it's Appealing:
Just like their newer soft logo design, is also clean, precise and easy on the eyes. Because of that, it gives more space for the products to have the spotlight, which in turn, creates more sales. The mobile version is just as easy as the desktop, and every page and platform is just as easy as the next.

Air BnB
There are two main reasons why Air has grown to 4.5 million listings since 2007. It is a genius idea and it is one of the easiest and the best mobile websites out there.

Why it's Appealing:
Just like Google, they have incorporated the card design into their site, making it clean, organised and easy to navigate. Each card is neatly organised with all of the listing's contact information, pictures, and a title. This gives the user the upper hand to choose to continue looking at that profile or keep scrolling for more.

Apple.comis more than their incredible products. Their website is also top of the line, making their exceptional care not limited to in-store sales.

Why it's Appealing:
The mobile and desktop version of their website is sleek, attractive, and very simple. It has a minimalistic approach which is calming to our everyday "monkey minds", not overcrowding the space with too much text or graphics. They really seem to grasp the topic of less is more".

Where Amazon lacks in organisation, they make up for in great sales and a good reputation.

Why it's Appealing:
Truth be told, their website is actually not very visually appealing, and it is more cluttered than your 11-year-old's bedroom. What they do have, however, is excellent customer service and the quickest delivery time out of any e-commerce store online.

Etsy is a great example of letting the customer take the reins and control where they want to search on the website. This can help detour the customer from feeling like they have to avoid unnecessary pages.

Why it's Appealing:
Etsy has nailed the autofill function fantastically. Users can now avoid the pain of typing in long-tailed searches because everything will simply pop up for them. They have done a great job of studying mobile behaviour by customising their searches to what is currently trending, and knowing their target audience.

Typeform is so easy to use, your toddler could work his or her way around it. The buttons on the home page are so large, simple and easy to follow.

Why it's Appealing:
There are many fun designs on their pages, which makes it intriguing and captivates the user. That being said, it can also slow down the page loading times significantly which could lead to higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates.

Shutterfly has a claim with a bold statement, unlike any other mobile websites, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction, and a plethora of products to choose from.

Why it's Appealing:
Their website is easy to navigate, with a clean and very easy to read design. They have an awesome program that enables you to preview and organise your photos from Instagram and Facebook. However, you do need to have a flash plugin installed in order to do so.

Smashing Magazine
The use of space and text placement on Smashing Magazine's website makes it one of the best mobile websites on this list.

Why it's Appealing:
Besides the bright red colours which are a bit overbearing to the retinas, the layout is very pleasing to the eyes. They also do not have a ton of in-your-face advertisements, making their website appear more trusting than those that do.

Evernote has a very clean and simple mobile IU interface. It also has very captivating designs, and that is what made it to the top of this list.

Why it's Appealing:
Considering a majority of their users only use the mobile version of Evernote, it has to be flawless in order for them to convert a lot of customers. They make it so easy for you to navigate around and store your notes.

This mobile website has very great use of page space, the big and bright buttons making anyone feel comfortable navigate and click through.

Why it's Appealing:
Greatist has a great intro right on the landing page, one sentence tells it all. All of their links and pages have giant buttons so that readers do not have to squint their eyes or zoom in to read.

They also have an email signup right on the top of the homepage, but do not shove it in your face like many e-commerce websites seem to have. Quality of content is high, and the style of the design is simple, less really is more.

Garmin really lives up to their phrase "the power of simple" both with their products and with their website. The ability to rock at both makes them one of the best mobile websites around.

Why it's Appealing:
The colours on Garmin's very mobile friendly website are catchy but yet not too overbearing. This is something that many mobile websites just cannot seem to grasp, to have an even balance of colour and simplicity.

If you look at their desktop version compared to their mobile version, there really is very little difference. Clean, clear, precise and straight to the point.

Abercrombie and Fitch
Just like their in-store branding, Abercrombie and Fitch have a beautifully fresh and clean image on their mobile-friendly website.

Why it's Appealing:
Their ability to use stunning photography and a colour palette that is easy on the eyes is the reason why we feel they are one of the best mobile websites for clothing stores online. They have a catchy call to action at the top but do not throw it in the user's face, establishing trust and keeping the reader informed about the latest sales. Their ability to focus more on the clothing and less on the graphics is what made this mobile website a top choice on our list. has a unique ability to incorporate tons of options on each phase of the search but still makes it super easy to navigate with their design.

Why it's Appealing:
The yellow design really makes the main buttons on the front page "pop", which makes it easy for the user to quickly add many components to their search. Once you are in the hotel description, there are even more details such as ratings, pictures, prices etc. and still it is not overbearing to read.

Adidas has a clean, white and fresh appeal to their mobile-friendly website, with nice images and easy to follow navigation. They are one of the best mobile websites for an e-commerce shoe store.

Why it's Appealing:
We applaud Adidas's ability to add the large call to action buttons on their images, but without making it look too cluttered. They make shopping easy and quick by having all the available menus right on the homepage and not having to click on a drop-down menu button.

Joco Cups
Although they are new, Joco cups made it to this list because of their very attractive website. They have the potential to be one of the best mobile websites for e-commerce.

Why it's Appealing:
Right away, Joco has added extra products on the home page, making it easier for customers to add more to their shopping carts. They also have a "why Joco?" feature, which shows potential customers about the worldly benefits of using their products.

Make Your Website One of the Best Mobile Websites Too!
After checking out these awesome mobile-friendly websites, you are probably inspired to get your website on the list of best mobile websites too!

If you want some tips on how to make your website more appealing and mobile friendly, feel free to contact us at any time.