15 Digital Marketing Statistics you can't Ignore

Tue 4th Jul 2017
15 Digital Marketing Statistics you can't Ignore

Are you still avoiding the plunge into digital marketing? Don't let your competition leave you in the dust. Just check out these digital marketing statistics!

If you're a business owner who actually is looking to increase revenue in the future, you know digital marketing is the way to go. It doesn't matter if your focus is on e-commerce or you own a brick-and-mortar business, in order to succeed, your business must have an online presence.

But in order for your online efforts to truly succeed you have to understand digital marketing statistics. If you don't understand what the numbers mean, or how to use them to bring in more customers, your competition could be leaving you in the dust.

To help you succeed in 2017 and beyond, we're sharing with you the 15 digital marketing statistics you can't ignore.

Understanding the Importance of Digital Marketing Statistics
Let's face it. The expectations a customer has about a buying experience, no matter if it's in a restaurant or online has changed. No longer is it acceptable to keep customers waiting on hold for long periods of time. Otherwise, your customers can publically call you out on it.

Don't even think about sending out an impersonal e-mail to thousands of potential customers with expectations of a high response rate. Today's customer wants to feel special and they expect to be treated that way. Luckily, today's businesses, whether large or small, e-commerce or brick-and-mortar, have access to that businesses in the past didn't. That's digital marketing statistics.

These statistics provide an unparalleled open window into your customer's lives, preferences, and desires. But digital marketing statistics go further than just helping a business accurately predict customer behaviours.

They also tell a business:
- How to utilise and implement better business practices
- Help strategize better business practices
- Provide concrete and actionable information
- Prevent future marketing mistakes

Yes, commerce and even e-commerce have changed a lot over the years. Which is why you need to know what to expect in the future.

Put simply, the following 15 digital marketing statistics will help your business compete on a global level and achieve success.

1. 84% of Digital Marketers Believe They're Providing Users with a Positive Experience
Digital marketing statistics don't lie.

When you compare the 84% of marketing strategists sending out messages believing they were positive with the less than 50% of their customers agreeing with them, there's a problem.

However, because these types of statistics are available, a company now has the power to make necessary changes so the customer agrees with the digital marketers. Before these types of numbers were available, it was nearly impossible to locate any disconnections between marketing and the consumer.

2. 93% of All Online Searches Begin with the Use of a Search Engine
Which means if you're a business, you need to be found on all possible search engines. Luckily, for a minimal cost, you can pay to have an online marketing company put your company's business information on all search engines.

While Google may be the most well-known, it's worth it to have your company listed everywhere it can be.

3. The Top 3 Searches on Google Receives More Than 50% of the Clicks
Google definitely reigns supreme in the world of search engines.

So it makes sense to make sure your company gets ranked within the top 3 for every keyword or phrase you're using. Think of it this way, in the Olympics, does anyone remember who came in 4th?

Knowing where you're ranked in online searches can help you figure out where and how to best utilise keywords, links, and original content. It will also help you where to place your marketing dollars to boost your online rankings.

4. By 2020 Millenials Will Account for More Than Half of the US Workforce
Which means Millenials will have a lot of spending power and influence. Any smart business owner must understand how to effectively market to MillenialsMillenials or risk losing out on a staggering amount of business.

5. 50% of Search Queries Are Four Words or Longer
This is known as long-tail keywords. This type of content is just as important as short Tweets. Your audience is educated, savvy, and has high expectations so make sure that you provide all types of content.

6. Word of Mouth Customers Are Retained at a 37% Higher Rate Than Those Acquired Via Other Means
Your best influencers are those customers who go out and tell their friends, family, and co-workers about your company. There's an automatic sense of trust that no amount of marketing or money can buy.

It's easy to utilise this digital marketing statistic in an online setting. Social media sites can help you get your favourite customers to spread your message.

7. There Will Be 21.4 Million Smart Speakers in the US by 2020
By smart speakers, we're talking about technology such as Alexa and Google Home. This trend simply isn't going away because it's making life easier in households. Why bother typing when you can simply speak?

Customers are looking for products and services that enhance their lives.

8. 87% of Internet Users Now Have a Smartphone
Mobile device usage continues to climb. As more people are relying on their smartphone to do online searches, check their e-mail, and watch videos, companies must continue to create content specifically for mobile phone viewing.

9. 69% of U.S. Adults are Social Media Users
Social media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are still holding our attention. Let's break down those digital marketing statistics into age groups who regularly use these on social media sites.

- 86% of 18-29 year-olds
- 80% of 30-49 year-olds
- 64% of 50-64 year-olds
- 34% of 65 plus

Social media has changed the way we communicate. Most social media sites are only showing their user numbers increase and many consumers turn to social media to contact a company.

When those customers do contact a company using social media, they expect a response within an hour.

10. Social Media Helps Convert at a 129% Higher Rate
Social media, when used as a part of the buyer's journey will actually increase conversions by 129%. Not only that but when social media is used, those same customers are four times more likely to spend than those who did not experience a social component on their shopping journey.

11. Live Video Watching Increased by 81% From 2015 to 2016
Let's break down our digital marketing statistics on live video a little further because it's not going away anytime soon.

- 56% of live content is breaking news
- 43% of content is concerts, festivals, conferences, and speakers
- 80% prefer to watch live video than read a blog
- 82% prefer live video to social posts

12. By 2019, Video Will Account for 85% of Total US Internet Traffic
But that's not all, by 2019 a whopping 80% of the entire world's internet traffic will be video.

What's so wonderful about these statistics is that video has so many options, especially for a business. Here's why.

- Easy to shoot - anyone can shoot a video
- No need for professional equipment - an iPhone will do
- Hundreds of ways to tell a story

The marketing possibilities of video are endless. Whether it's a live video or not, videos will dominate the future of marketing and sales.

13. There's More Than a 10% Increase In Click-Through Rates and Conversions When Personalised Email Messages are Used
When you're in the restaurant business, you treat your regulars as if they're family. This means when they come through the door, you know what they're most likely to order and you try to accommodate their needs before the customer even asks.

Why? It makes your frequent customer feel special. As if they're family. As if you know and care about them.

The beauty of using digital marketing statistics is that you can do the exact same thing for your frequent customers. You're just doing it online.

14. 53% of all Emails are Opened on Mobile Devices
That rate will only continue to rise as the popularity of mobile devices continues to escalate.

15. Compelling Content Is the Primary Reason for Online Live Viewing
However, compelling content isn't just for live video. Without compelling content in everything your business sends out, your business will suffer.

Because content is king.

Of course, none of these statistics mean anything if you have no clue how to use them. Here are a few digital marketing statistics you need to be aware of.

Where to Find Digital Marketing Statistics
There are quite a few spots where you can find a whole host of statistics that can help you determine how to determine a customer's behaviour or where your current marketing efforts are failing.

Forums and Comments
More businesses are encouraging their customers to leave feedback and comments on their blogs. Why? Because it leaves the company with a wealth of information they can use to improve sales.

Information such as:
How your audience is responding - is it negative or positive feedback? Why?

Whether your audience is responding at all. No response can mean your content isn't compelling enough.

Sharing to social sites - Is anyone sharing your content with social media?

Google Analytics
Whether you're a tiny company with 1-3 employees or a global company, using Google's analytics can help you improve your ROI (return on investment). Best of all, most of these options are completely free.

Dashboard Metrics
Your dashboard metrics, found on your website is going to offer some great insights. You just have to know what you're looking at.

Most Viewed Pages - Which pages are gathering the most traffic?

Most ExitedPagess - Which pages are making people leave your site without taking action?

Duration of Time Spent on Page - how long are your customers spending on each page?

Digital marketing is complex and always changing. It's nearly impossible for busy companies to keep up with online marketing strategies.

That's why smart businesses contact us. We'll put together a marketing strategy that works for your business and with your budget.