11 Web Design Trends you can't Ignore in 2018

Thu 14th Dec 2017
11 Web Design Trends you can't Ignore in 2018

If you want your website to have the latest features, then check out this article. Here you'll discover 11 web design trends you shouldn't ignore in 2018.

It takes less than two-tenths of a second for your company's website to make a first impression on a potential customer. However, when it comes to changing that first impression, you're going to need to make a much bigger time commitment. This means that you need to make a serious investment in the web design trends - and of course, the functionality - of your brand's website.

If your site is slow, difficult to navigate, or filled with countless annoying pop-ups, you can bet that customers are going to leave your page in an instant. In fact, recent studies show that over half of your site's visitors spend less than fifteen seconds on your homepage before navigating away from it.

So, what can you do to increase that dwell time, grow your conversion rate, and rise in the search engine rankings? Use some of the biggest web design trends of 2018 listed below to keep your visitors engaged.

1. Animation
If click-and-play video content topped the list of web design trends in 2017, animation will certainly take its place in the number-one spot in 2018.

First of all, animation is a wonderful way to incorporate more colours, shapes, and design elements into your site without forcing users to do any of the work of scrolling and clicking. It also means you can feed your site visitors more information about your product/services in less time.

Additionally, animation is a great way to combat slow loading times. You can use these moving images to keep your site visitors engaged while the rest of your homepage loads. Plus, they can also encourage your visitors to enter into the specific sales funnel of your choice.

Finally, animation allows you to tell a story to your customers, instead of marketing to them in a more aggressive, obvious way. Customers will feel like they're "getting to know" your company instead of "being sold to."

This increases consumer trust, which in turn leads to more sales.

2. Asymmetrical Design
One of the biggest web design trends you're going to see a lot more of in 2018? Asymmetrical design, and layouts that don't conform to the standard row format. You might think that having asymmetrical design on your website would confuse your visitors. However, it's quite simple to create a user flow that's intuitive and easy-to-follow. Do this through the use of letters, images, and even cinemagraphs on your homepage.

Additionally, when users click on or hover over these images or letters, you can have a description of what the internal page relates to pop up immediately.

3. Hand-Drawn Design
Still using clip art, stock images, and your Instagram selfies on your website? If so, it's time for you to bring your web design into 2018. Instead of using the same images that everyone else in your industry is, why not hire a local artist to create hand-drawn sketches to accompany the text on your website? Since hand-drawn art can be a bit of an investment, it's best to use it on the more static pages of your site.

We especially love the look of replacing employee photographs with sketches. Plus, we can guarantee that your employees will also love them, giving you a quick boost to office morale. While hand-drawn design may not work for certain site elements, like showing off your products, it can enhance the look of your site.

It's especially effective if you want to appeal to the millennial market.

4. Endless Scrolling
Another one of the biggest web design trends for 2018, which also encourages visitors to stay on your site for longer?

Endless scrolling.

For example, this means that, when a visitor has finished reading one of your blog posts, the title and leading image of the next one will be directly underneath the comments section of the previous post.
Not only will this save your visitors from having to go back to your blog's homepage, it will also help to increase conversions and dwell time. If possible, consider breaking down your blog into pages of subcategories, so that readers can scroll onto the next article regarding their favourite topic.

5. Don't Fear Blank Space
In the past, web design trends were focused on using pretty much every available space to encourage customers to take an action or to further brand recognition through the inclusion of images or other design elements.

In 2018, however, negative space is back in a big way. Customers today are tired of being oversaturated with design elements every time they log onto a website. So, how can you make negative space work for you, without compromising the sales your website is able to help you to make?

By fine-tuning and ruthlessly editing the elements that you do choose to keep on your website. Instead of having an average, stereotypical image on your site, try replacing it with an animated graphic. The blank space surrounding it will work to draw visitor’s eyes towards exactly what you want them to focus on.

6. Create A Unique Font
Another one of the biggest design trends in 2018? Bespoke typography -- a fancy way of saying "custom fonts."

First of all, having a font that no one else does will help to rapidly increase your overall brand recognition. It also helps you to subtly inform your target market about the products/services you offer and the type of clientele you serve.

For example, if you're a wedding planner, you may choose to have a designer create a loopy, elegant font that you might see on a wedding invitation. By contrast, if you're a band manager looking to represent those in the heavy metal genre, think like Metallica and incorporate some rougher elements into your font design.

7. Pastel Colours
In 2017, colour schemes were all about bright neons and bold, in-your-face shades.
However, in 2018, people will be looking for softer shades when it comes to web design trends. Cut out those hot pinks and highlighter yellows, and instead replace them with periwinkles, soft pinks, and light blues.

For an especially cool effect, go for a gradient design. This will allow you to incorporate multiple colours into your design without having your site look too busy. To really take it to the next level, create shadow effects for a more three-dimensional look when creating titles and menu options.

8. Automatic Chat Boxes
The two main drawbacks to online shopping? Often, instant gratification isn't possible when buying online, and it's difficult to replace the immediate help offered by brick-and-mortar sales associates Web design trends for 2018 aren't just about improving the overall look of your website. They're also focused on making it much more functional and personal.

Enter the rise of robotic chat boxes, which often pop up in the lower corners of your website when a visitor first logs on. These automatic chat boxes will help to guide your customers through a specific sales funnel, connect them to the products they're the most likely to buy, and improve their overall experience on your site.

9. Mobile-Friendly Design First
Now that mobile Internet access has officially beaten out out traditional desktop browsing, it's time to update your design accordingly. So, how can you bring your design elements into the mobile age?

First, take a look at your homepage. It's time to say goodbye to those enormous image files, autoplay features, and pop-up ads (though really, you should be getting rid of those anyway).

Instead, if you want to have increased functionality, settle on smaller images and design elements that will work across a wide variety of different mobile devices. For example, will your page load just as completely on an Apple device as it does on an Android?

Will the features and designs you include work with lots of different screen sizes? If you don't want to have to sacrifice too many of your design elements, then it's a smart idea to create an app or an entirely different mobile version of your website for those customers on-the-go. Make sure to use plenty of icons in your design to help to improve your overall navigation on mobile devices.

Ready to Bring 2018's Biggest Web Design Trends to your Website?

Thanks to this post, you now have a much better idea of the web design trends that will be taking the Internet by storm in 2018. However, implementing these design elements can be a complicated process. To avoid risking the functionality of your site and losing business through crashes and downtime, it's sometimes best to work with web design professionals.

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