10 Email Marketing Pro Tips You Need to Follow

Tue 17th Apr 2018
10 Email Marketing Pro Tips You Need to Follow

Want email marketing advice from the experts? You're in the right place. Keep reading for the email marketing pro tips you need to start using.

"You've got mail."

Do you remember that phrase?

Despite the presence of tweets, status updates and direct social media messages, our affinity with emails is still here. Here's a quick stat: before the start of 2019, experts projected the number of email users to reach 3.8 billion.

This means that more than half of the entire planet uses email today. And this number will go up to 4.2 billion by the end of 2022. All these (and more) are reasons it's time to go email marketing pro.
After all, the once exciting way to communicate has evolved into something more than digital letters and greeting cards.

Become a pro in email marketing, and you can tap into those billions of users. Imagine, a marketing tactic that reaches billions yet is still easy on the budget.

Here's a list of the top tips you should start with!

1. Use a Strong Subject Line
First email marketing pro tip to master: A strong subject line is everything. Why? For the simple reason that it's the one thing that can either make people open those emails or throw it into the trash bin.

Over 90% of businesses use emails to promote their products or services. But not all of them reach success. And you want your emails opened, so work on your subject line.

Here are a few things to consider:
• The shorter the subject line, the better! For instance, a subject line with 7 words is the most common one. But, it has a lower engagement rate compared to a 3-word subject line
• A 3-word subject line has an engagement rate of 21.2%compared to 15.8% for a 7-word subject line
• A well-crafted subject line is not the first thing you should create. Rather, it should take time. Research on how to change the words to make it sound attractive to potential customers. Be short, concise and straight-to-the-point

2. Focus on Your Preview Text
As mentioned above, the subject line is your maker or breaker. But, just as important to the modern email readers is the preview text. Simply put, they don't just put their entire focus on the subject line. They now also read the preview text. That's the piece telling them what the email is all about.
Crafting this is vital to gain more clients. The email preview text is between 35 to 140 characters. Make it worth reading!

Here's another email marketing pro tip:
Consider your preview text or snippet as a second subject line. Think of words that won't turn off your customers. Make it engaging and unique. Write the person's first name in the preview text to make it more personal. Also, make sure that the preview shows a sense of urgency. You can do this by offering discounts of freebies and more information for your subscribers.

3. Format is Everything
An email's format is the key to a higher engagement rate.

Your format should be compatible with both web and mobile users. If your recipients receive an incompatible email on their mobile devices, they might throw it into oblivion. Non-optimised emails for mobile devices get deleted by a whopping 80.3% of mobile users. Worst, 3 out of 10 users tend to unsubscribe from the list if the emails are not mobile-friendly.

Make sure that all messages you send are mobile-friendly. Focus on making your emails short. Also, check the email on your end (using your own mobile device) to ensure that the images and links work.

Aside from the format, make sure your design is user-friendly. Avoid excessive use of images. Make the design simple yet alluring.

4. Personalise your Email Like an Email Marketing Pro
Personalisation is the key. In fact, the open rate of personalised email is 18.8%, compared to 13.1% in an email without any personal phrases. For an email marketing pro, personalization goes a long way. You can use systems that can allow you to use the personal names of the people you send your emails to.

Customers want to hear a warm greeting on their messages. Instead of using the robotic phrase like, "Hello, client,", it's wise to use warm language. You can use the customer's personal name to make it sound friendlier.

5. Offer Bonuses and Valuable Freebies
You need to give your customer a reason to open your message. A reason so valuable and relevant that it outweighs all their reasons to skip your email.

All you need to do is bribe them.

Here's an email marketing pro tip:
Offering bonuses or valuable freebies can help you boost open rates. In fact, 72% of customers open an email offering discounts or freebies. You don't have to spend a huge stash of cash to do this. Offering something valuable isn't all about money, friend. You can offer free e-books, the promise to solve an urgent problem, or even added knowledge that's useful to your customers.

6. Proof Read All Your Emails Before Sending
Make sure to proofread your emails before sending them to your potential customers. It's an instant turn off to readers when they see grammatical or typographical errors. About 80% of people said that they get turned off by emails with grammatical errors.

Many of them also said that excessive punctuation, lack of a subject line, and irregular fonts are big no-nos when reading an email. Another 59% of people in the United Kingdom would not connect with a company with obvious grammatical errors on their website. Queen's English, please?

This shows one thing - a perfectly-written content is a potent weapon to gain more customers and boost sales.

7. Be Relevant
Choose your content wisely to get the readers engaged. A great email marketing pro strategy comes down to giving your readers something that stays with them. It can be something they want, a relevant piece of information, or even marketing messages about the business.

Develop content that is informative and interesting. Avoid dry and boring content. Make it short for the readers to read it all the way through. You should sound relevant and offer something of value.
For instance, millennials are more likely to take action on a relevant email than any other age. About 58% of millennials always donated to a non-profit based on an email.

The millennials are also one age group to target. Why? They represent about a third of total retail sales. That makes them the largest living and spending generation.

8. Don't Overwhelm Your Subscribers
You might get too excited and send several emails a day. Chances are, you might end up in their trash bins. Of course, anyone who receives more than the usual emails from the same company can get annoyed. Worse, they might unsubscribe from your list.

We'll back this up with statistics:
About 91% of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails monthly. At the same time, receiving emails too often - like every day - turn off consumers. Only 15% of customers want to receive emails every day.

There are actually ideal times to send an email to your subscribers. The best day of the week to send emails is Tuesday. It has the highest average open rates. The best time of the day is afternoons for increased open rates. Send emails at night for improved click rates.

9. Segment Your Email Database
Many companies have a list of thousands of people. Some of them are current customers while others are past ones. You want to make sure you segment your email list into various groups. This way, you can tailor your email to different sets of subscribers.

Did you know that segmented emails have 14.31% higher open rates than non-segmented campaigns? Segmented emails are more organized and personal.

10. Create a Powerful Call-to-Action
Think of your email's goal. Is it to gain more website subscribers? Get people download an e-book you wrote? Persuade customers to buy your products? A powerful call-to-action button is a key. Always include striking buttons with text for the readers to click.

Here's another email marketing pro tip:
Write calls-to-action as that - actions. The more intriguing and interesting the action you say, the more enticing it will be for your readers. You can write, "Click here for more information," or "Download now!". No matter what you write, always think if this phrase will get people to actually visit your website or click the call-to-action button.

Wrap Up of Top Email Marketing Pro Tips We Shared
A good email strategy will help you boost sales, product popularity, and company visibility. Focus on high-quality content, the right subject line and a good call-to-action, among others.
Remember: A staggering 205 billion emails sent each day. So, it's important to attract the attention of your customers. This number is still expected to reach 246 billion by the end of 2019. And on a final note on how emails make money: For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect a return of £27. That's a good deal, right?

These email marketing pro tips will help you manage your emails better. With better emails sent to your customers, you can expect more sales and profit in return. All you need to do is write your emails wisely.

And if you need more help with your email marketing needs, feel free to contact us anytime. We'll be more than happy to guide you all the way.