10 Creative Social Marketing Campaigns you need for your Website

Tue 22nd Aug 2017
10 Creative Social Marketing Campaigns you need for your Website

Have you made social media part of your website's strategy? Read about these 10 creative social marketing campaigns you need to incorporate now!

Social marketing campaigns are everywhere. Every company uses them to try to reach the 2.46 billion users on social media today.

We know you too want to attract an audience and develop a campaign that leads to successful conversions. However, in the vast amount of content out there how can you get your audience to care about your social media brand?

Creativity is what you need to make your campaigns extremely more effective. 
A study for the Harvard Business Review showed the effectiveness of creative ads. In Germany, they found that a euro invested into a creative campaign showed close to double the return as those of non-creative ones.

Check out these ideas for creative marketing campaigns, and draw in a crowd of new users that will keep coming back. 

1. Let's Play a Game
Gamification in marketing has been around for a while but it is still a useful trend in social marketing campaigns today. Probably because of the many innovative ways that people can use the concept and create new experiences for audiences. Plus, people enjoy the feeling of winning or completing objectives. 

A simple but effective form of this concept is a scavenger hunt. Use riddles or puzzles to lead customers to a coupon code as a reward. Hosting a hunt on your website would force the consumer to visit the site. Engage your customers while letting them take in all that your company has to offer.

2. Run Pet-Friendly Campaigns
People don't always like sharing pictures of themselves. But they love showing off their furry -- or even scaly -- friends. Adorable animals are always a good way to get people interested.

Let your audience share pictures of their pets with a hashtag and have them tag your brand to get a coupon. You could even combine it with gamification and have the most liked pet pic receive a special gift.

3. Get a Little Help from Some Friends
A recent trend that has popped up in several companies' social marketing campaigns is the "tag a friend" concept.

It's simple but effective. Share a picture that provokes an emotional response. Then ask your audience to tag a friend that can relate. In this way, your consumers can connect with a friend while giving that friend a chance to connect with your brand.

4. Use Shareable Content
Scrolling down Facebook it seems like all you see is video after video. There is a reason for that. A video is the most shareable form of content right now. They're engaging and entertaining. For your own social marketing campaigns try to tell a compelling story. Keep them short. Above all, make them relatable.

A bunch of bright, smiling models in the background of a product or service demonstration won't elicit any views. People feel more connected when they can empathize with your videos. Polished narratives with a good entertaining script are great, especially with a little humor thrown in.

If you want to add some authenticity, then consider an amateur -- "vlogger style" -- video without all of the polish. You can take this concept even further with a live video where you can engage with the audience directly in real time.

5. Demonstrate Some Goodwill
The holiday season is coming up, making it a great time to help a person in need.  Give away care packages to underprivileged children. Give a gift card for the supermarket to a struggling family. Document the experience and show what a little kindness can do for a person.

Promote positive social behavior and show support for your community to increase engagement. Be a positive influence for other companies out there. The world could always use a little more compassion.

6. Get Influencers with Innovative Ideas 
Find creative people with large amounts of subscribers. There is a reason people subscribe to their social media channels. They can connect with their audience. That is exactly what you want for your own marketing.

A connection between your product and the influencer will lead you straight to the target audience.  Better yet, use various influencers for your social marketing campaigns. Recruit influencers from different areas of expertise to extend your reach.

Let's say you start with a Youtuber, and then next week pass it along to a photojournalist, and then a fashion blogger, and to whoever you see fit. This diversity will bring in a broader base of potential and spread your brand faster.

7. Promote a Social Cause
Be on top of the times and plugged into what's trending in terms of social betterment out there. Last year companies and movie stars were using #NoDAPL to show support for the Sioux tribe in protecting their land from the Dakota Access Pipeline.

This year there are any number of issues to choose from. Try to play it safe and stay away from politics though. Support feeding the hungry or saving endangered animals.

You don't want headlines claiming your campaign is the next "Pepsi controversy."

8. Give them Something Worth Talking About
Giveaways can generate tons of engagement in a short period of time. Ask your current audience to take part by placing a tag, a like, or by sharing with friends. It'll bring thousands of new viewers to your social media channels.

Here's the deal. You can take the easy route and give away packages of your products and services. Your current consumer base will love it. But why not do something different? 

Why not give away an experience?

A trip abroad would stir up quite a buzz and you could document the whole experience to share later. If that's a bit too grand of an idea, then an evening out for dinner and a show would be tempting as well. Either way, it's something the lucky winner will remember forever.

If your target market is of the legal drinking age, then hold a giveaway of some bottles of spirits or wine. Giving away something interesting will keep your audience talking. And who doesn't like free booze? 

9. Generate Sales in a Flash
Sales are often used to get rid of stagnant or unwanted inventory. They push products and services that may not be as attractive to customers but might sell at a cheaper price.

Here's a wild thought. Why not create a holiday sale of your most popular items? Sure they'll sell anyway, but you'll drive even more traffic to your website.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) on their favorite products/services will drive any customer to go after the deals while they can.

10. What Do You Meme?
The most fun things to share on social media are gifs and memes. They punctuate the context of a conversation and express you visually.

Memes add content to social marketing campaigns and are a shareable, creative way to build your brand.

Create custom gifs to form a connection between you and your consumers. It's even better if you can create these using influencers and celebrities your target audience knows. Use them for yourself when engaging with customer tweets about your product. 

It's a good thing to do whether you're rectifying a customer complaint or answering questions.

Better your Social Marketing Campaigns
Social marketing campaigns are essential to creating a community around your product/service and building brand awareness.

Social media platforms allow you to engage with your customer base on a wide scale while maintaining a personal connection.

Keep in mind you should use proper hashtags to allow your audience to find your content. Spark conversations that promote your campaign. Utilize the platform in ways familiar to users but unique and creative enough to pique their interest.

Take Snapchat brand filters for example. Users love engaging with the different filter combinations making it an excellent marketing tool. New Snapchat filters come out every day promoting new movies or products and there always seems to be some new way that they innovate the filter concept to make it even more interesting.

People know it is an ad but it is still fun to play with. These creative ideas are a good starting point for you to use on your own social media platforms. We hope they help you get the attention you deserve. Make sure to brainstorm and come up with even more radically creative ideas to better your future marketing campaigns. 

If you have questions about social marketing campaigns or anything else that comes to mind feel free to Contact us anytime.