10 Amazing Benefits of Interactive Websites

Tue 6th Feb 2018
10 Amazing Benefits of Interactive Websites

Are you looking for ways to engage your customers and increase lead conversion? Here are 10 benefits of interactive websites that help you accomplish these goals.

Are you looking for a way to leverage the power of your website? Your website is everything. It can determine your conversion rate and customer base. It's the business card you hand out to the digital world. As a result, it's important to take all the steps you can to make your website as competitive as possible.

One way you can do this is by creating an interactive website. Interactive websites are leading the charge when it comes to effective, powerful sites. Learn more about the amazing benefits an interactive design can offer you in this article!

What are Interactive Websites?
Interactive websites are exactly what they sound like: websites that allow the user to interact with the content in some way. This may mean incorporating a contact form, which a user fills out and sends to the site owner. Or it could involve a form that allows a user to submit comments or feedback.

Interactive websites may include elements of virtual reality or AI. They may also provide virtual tours of a property or animated display of weather patterns. The point of interactive sites is to make the user's experience as engaging as possible. They are intentionally designed to maximise user interaction. Maximised user interaction plays a huge role in conversion rates and more.

1. Obtain Valuable Data
One of the biggest benefits of interactive websites is the data. As a business owner, you've always got tabs on data. Effective data analytics can ensure you make the most of marketing campaigns.

Paying attention to results can help you hone your product further and identify the right market.
Interactive websites give you a chance to gather valuable data that will help you transform your company in the right way. For example, an interactive website has a variety of features a user can engage with. You can track what's capturing user interest and what's keeping them on your page.

Similarly, you can see what type of interaction is most valuable to your customers by tracking what they click and what information they provide. On the other hand, interactive websites often get email addresses, profile information, and more from users. You can use this data to see who is coming to your site, and what market is hungry for your brand.

Knowing what interests your customers and who they are is valuable when it comes to driving conversion rates down the road.

2. Connect with Customers
When you create an interactive website, you show your users your intent to interact with them. Establishing this connection with customers is essential to building a relationship from the start. It also sets the standard for personalised marketing efforts.

Personalised marketing is much more effective than general campaigns. Customers like engaging with brands in a transparent, intimate way. They'll be more likely to follow a brand that is really interested in them. They'll avoid brands that just want to make a sales pitch.

You can use the data you obtain from your interactive site to tailor your marketing campaigns for your audiences. You can provide product recommendations for some customers, based off of this data. This can inform purchase decisions and retain existing customers.

3. Get Customer Commitment
It can be hard to urge customer commitment, especially through your website alone. Interactive websites, however, can get the commitment you need from passing visitors. When a visitor engages with a website, either by providing profile information or posting content, they're more likely to return to that website later on.

They may even refer your site to others. This is because they've invested personal time and/or information on your site. This type of customer commitment is valuable when it comes to nurturing customer relationships.

4. Backlink the Right Way
When you invest in an interactive website, you boost the quality and number of your site's backlinks.
Backlinks are any links in the world wide web that send visitors to your site. Acquiring quality backlinks means that more people have more chances to navigate to your website.

When a customer has a positive interactive experience with your website, they'll be more likely to share your site across social media platforms and more. These shares are valuable backlinks. They are also high-quality backlinks because they come from valued customers. Companies spend years and tons of money trying to acquire excellent backlinks. All you have to do is invest in an interactive website to get yours.

5. Maximise your Google Ranking
Google ranks websites websites based on their level of authority. More authoritative sites have solid ootimisation (SEO), rich content, and local citations. Google also favours sites that are optimised for mobile use.

A higher Google ranking means that you rise to the top in search listings. Businesses covet high rankings because people are more likely to click on first-page listings. When Google sees that you have a healthy network of backlinks, thanks to your interactive website, it will rank you higher.

Boosting your digital authority will mean getting more organic traffic. This can leverage your current SEO campaigns, maximising your return on investment (ROI) on digital marketing efforts. It can also drive valuable traffic to your site, upping your chances of more shares and more conversions.

6. Get Noticed
Brand visibility is everything, no matter what industry you are a part of. Most marketing efforts are all about getting your business seen. The more visible you are as a brand, the higher your chances are for growing your customer base.

A higher Google ranking will do just this. Interactive websites enjoy prime search result real estate. Consequently, they enjoy greater brand visibility. With an interactive website, you'll also associate your brand with interactive and engaging technology. People are hungry for brands that are leading the industry. An interactive site can help you get noticed in this way.

7. Drive Conversion Rates
Interactive websites typically have lower bounce rates than non-interactive sites. A bounce rate is how many people navigate to your site and then immediately leave. High bounce rates can result from poor web design, uninteresting content, and lack of optimisation.

If visitors to your site have fun when they stop by, they'll be more likely to stick around on your website. If they feel engaged or impressed by your interactive content, they may be more likely to make a purchase decision. This can lead to a higher conversion rate overall. And a higher conversion rate means higher profit margins in general.

8. Develop Purposeful Content
Interactive websites are known for their rich, engaging content. Content is essential, both on your website and throughout marketing campaigns. It's important to have relevant, useful, and authoritative content. Better content can also help you achieve a higher Google ranking.

An interactive website by nature forces you to produce purposeful content. You'll automatically get rid of unnecessary fluff and focus on the user's experience. As a result, your website's content will be the best on the market. Deliberate, real content can earn you those high rankings. But it can also impress users and address any content issues you've had in the past.

9. Make it About the User
At the end of the day, interactive websites are all about the user. They're designed with interaction in mind. A site that thinks about its user in this way is very different from one that doesn't. Non-interactive sites may have great user experiences.

They may be easy to navigate, for example. They may have rich content that informs and propels the user through a purchase decision. But they may be missing that final link to really making it all about visitors: interaction. Interaction involves the user. It doesn't force the user to do anything, but it gives visitors a chance to be a bit hands-on.

What's more, the point of the interaction is to make the user feel more comfortable, more informed, and more supported. Visitors to your site will notice this emphasis on them. And they'll like it. In fact, they'll keep coming back for more, and send their friends, too.

10. You don't have to do it Alone
At this point, you may be thinking: Sign me up. How do I harness the magic of interactive sites? It's definitely possible to take charge of your own website. After all, you can make your website more interactive simply by incorporating a contact form. However, the best interactive websites emerge from expert hands. You don't have to do it alone - trust the experts.

Investing in a professional web design team will give you the biggest ROI of your fiscal year. The pros will ensure that your interactive design engages the user, earns you a high Google ranking, and gets you the traffic you need.

The Power of Interactive Websites
An interactive website can benefit your business in countless ways. Not only do these websites maximise user experience, but they also drive conversion rates and traffic. They also help you develop the right content for your site. With interactive design, you can get noticed in the way that you need.

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